Photo Gallery
****MBISS GCH Ramarco's Ticketmaster****

BISS GCH. Naja's Mi-T Alliance*

Belco Champagne Keep On Truck'n

GCH Am/Mex DLG Rainbow's End

GCH Am/Mex DLG Rainbow's End - Brood Bitch

GalaRoc N Ewing's Show Off

GalaRoc N Ewing's Show Biz

GalaRoc N Ewing's Showdown

BIS BISS GCH HoPa's Grand Slam

CH Cinni-Bon N Telstar's Gladiator

CH Sapphire's Magic Smoke of TJ

Minstrel’s My Way Or The Highway
Brandiwine First Round Knockout

BIS BISS GCH Raintree's the Recruit

Davidson's River Boat Queen

BIS BISS GCH Winfall's I Dream Of Style FEATURE

MBPIS, MBPISS Canadian Champion  Jestic N Toprank's British Sterling *Update 7/25

Illyrian and Marburl's Hail to the Chief*

Aplaws Double Dynamite*

Chews Murbe Irondale Bow-Chika-Wa-Wa *
Murbes High Heels Chews

GCH ProC's Ace Of Hearts Update 6/1

CH Hi-Tech's High Drama of Sherry Shoot JP

BIS BISS GCH Winfall I Dream of Style*

BIS BISS GCH R & G's Mystical Dancer

AM. Mex. Mex. Jov. Ch SMD Mad Max The March Hare T.T.

Am/CAN CH Daybreaks Bad Influence 

CH Hallmarks Rumor Has It

CH Cope-Land's Sugar Kane

CH Hilltop N' Beacon's Frankly My Dear

Howlin's Jet Propulsion in Hi-Tech

CH.Hi-Tech's High Drama of Sherry SHoot JP

CH. Big Rock's Candy Mountain

CH ProC’s Deuce Of Diamonds

CH Doo Dah's Line 'Em Up Boys

BISS GCH Telstar's All That Glitters at Cinni-Bon 

GCH Conquest-Rosend's New Kid In Town

Sapphire's Magic Smoke of Tj

Can CH. Cinnrhee’s Pokerface Heartacre

CH R and G's Rocket Man

BIS CH Candy Kisses & Cinergy Mister Goodbar

AM/CAN CH JoCar’s Jack In The Boxx

BISS CH Backbeat Bix-L's Double Trouble

CH. Bavaria's Simply The Best One More Time